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heptagon69's Journal

just another one fighting hepatitis c
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i am a 40 year old woman who has lived with the diagnosis hepatitis c (hcv) for ten years before deciding in 2009 to undergo treatment. this is my journal about my fight with the virus.

read the background story here

read the latest entries here

most of this journal is public and i invite everyone interested in hcv matters to add me and i welcome comments. i will however, because of privacy issues, screen all comments and only unscreen those comments that i think can be of general use to people searching for hcv information.

note: in this journal i refer to hemoglobin (Hb) measured in g/L, and use the local abbreviation ALAT instead of ALT (measured in ukat/L).

progress so far:
started Tx in october 2009, on 180 sc µg pegylated interferon alpha-2a (pegasys) per week and 600+600 mg ribavirin (copegus) a day (weighing in at under 75 kg)
week 4: still detectable (1.43 log drop), no side effects
week 7: upped ribavirin to 1400 mg/day
week 12: UNDETECTABLE, with notable side effects
week 24: still undetectable
week 48: end of treatment reached 17 sept
EOT +12: still UNDETECTABLE! and fully recovered from hemolytic anemia
EOT +48: sustained virological response at six months post treatment


most consistent sides experienced during treatment:
low Hb
low whites/neuts
dry mouth
diminished appetite
weight loss (~10 kgs)
mild depression

health status after treatment:
damned near perfect?